Trader Terms & Conditions

By completing our Trader Application Form and booking a pitch at one of our markets, you give your agreement to comply with our Trader Terms and Conditions below.

Legal Requirements
All stalls selling food must be registered as a food business with the producer’s local Environmental Health Department. In the case of mobile vehicles these must be registered with the EH Department at the local authority where the vehicle is normally stored when not in use.
Stallholders are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations regarding the production, preparation, labelling, display, storage and sale of goods. Stallholders must maintain adequate public, employee and products liability insurance. A copy of this to be supplied upon application for a stall and may be requested again at any time.
All stallholders selling pre-cooked food must hold a Food Hygiene Certificate and be able to produce this if requested. Stallholders cooking food on site must check temperature of food regularly and keep a record of checks for inspection. Hand washing facilities are provided for all stalls.
All stallholders must bring their own equipment, tables and market quality gazebos (no garden style gazebos will be permitted). Tents and umbrellas should be weighted down for safety. Signs should also be weighted and removed if there are strong winds.
All stallholders must produce, regularly review and update an individual risk assessment.
Stallholders selling alcohol must have a personal alcohol licence, apply and obtain a temporary events notice (TEN) from the local authorities. A copy of the licence and notice must be available for inspection at the market.

Using electricity at the market
If a stallholder is using electricity they must make sure all appliances are PAT tested and circuit breakers used. Electric cables must be positioned safely, either covered on the ground to prevent tripping, or up above head height. Wiring should be safe.

Using gas at the market
Traders using gas appliances must be trained in their proper use, know how to carry out visual checks for obvious faults, make sure there’s sufficient ventilation on their stall, supply a copy of their Gas Safe inspection certificate. All gas appliances used at the market must have an emergency isolation valve (EIV) fitted.

Trading hours and setting up
Clifton Nurseries Farmers Market: open from 10:00am until 3:00pm. Egham High Street Food and Artisan Market: open from 10:00 until 4:00pm. Stallholders may arrive 1h30 before the market starts. All non-essential vehicles must be park in the traders car park 30 minutes before the market opens. Stallholders must offload goods from vehicles and park prior to setting up stall. Stallholders must dismantle stall prior to bringing vehicles onto the precinct at the end of the market. If there is any reason why this is not possible, different arrangements may be agreed at the Market Managers discretion. Please have hazard lights on your car when in the market area.

Food hygiene and waste
Stalls must be kept in a clean and tidy condition with food stored at least 45cm off the ground to avoid contamination. Make sure any spillages is cleared up promptly. Contact the Market Manager if you need to borrow a bucket or broom.
In winter when ground is icy or snowy, salt will be provided for you to spread in front of and behind your stall. Stall holders must take away all their own waste at the end of the market and leave the carpark in a clean and tidy manner. Panier Markets encourages recycling of cardboard, paper and other waste, but cannot facilitate this.

Food and produce
Produce must be grown or raised in a way that contributes to thriving local economies and sustainable livelihoods both in the UK and, in the case of imported products, in producer countries, is fairly traded, enhances landscape and biodiversity, minimises food miles, is based on caring animal husbandry and provides social benefits such as good quality food, safe and healthy products, and educational opportunities. Ingredients of items sold at the market should be from local producers wherever possible. Only produce with organic certification may be sold under the label ‘organic’. Genetically Modified Produce or goods containing genetically modified products may not be sold at the market. All food must be marked and priced according to legal requirements. Contact your local Trading Standards office for more information. Packaging must be kept to a minimum, and paper used in preference to plastic. Biodegradable packaging is encouraged.

Pitch Availability
The allocation of pitches is at the discretion of Panier Markets. Priority is given to “Primary Producers”, i.e. producers of vegetables, fruit, eggs, dairy products and meat or to stalls that provide for an existing gap in produce available at the market. We keep all new applications on file. When a pitch becomes available it is allocated according to the needs of the market. Temporary pitches may become available due to cancellations of regular stall holders.

Payment and due date
Pitch fees must be paid in advance and are due a week before the market. Payment must be made made by BACS transfer to Panier Markets Limited – sort code: 04-00-75 – account number: 46810315. Please use the trading name of your business and the date of the market as a reference.

Late payment and cancellation
A minimum of a week’s notice is required for any cancellation. Any less will incur a penalty of the full stall fee.

Stallholder conduct and complaints
The conduct of stallholders must be of the highest standard. Stallholders and their staffs must:
– respect setting up and trading hours
– be well presented and wear clean clothing
– to be polite to other traders, market managers, customers and other members of the public
– not tout or hustle for trade
Market managers may issue verbal warnings to any stallholder in breach of these rules. A second breach will result in a written warning from Panier Markets. A third breach will automatically result with an expulsion of the market.
If a stallholder has a complaint they must inform and discuss it with a market manager.